Day 5 Pumpkin!

Technically Halloween has already come and gone but as far as I'm concerned it's a never ending endeavor! I got a bit behind due to my studies and art projects for my courses but I'm still going to finish this years collection out! I made some big plans and I'm not going to see them go to waste!

So without further ado day five's prompt was "Pumpkin". I get to add a new pumpkin witch to my collection yay! I like to think of her as my little "Pumpkin Witch" from 2018's very brief attempt at posting a Halloween picture each day. (She's still on sale by the way if you check out my shop at I really love witches and I'm going to finish all of these in spite of their tardiness. What do we think?

If you enjoy my artwork check out my Redbubble store linked above or consider becoming a Patreon at

-xoxo mbl

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