Hello everyone! So as I was about to post this my power went out! It was really unfortunate timing because I would have made it to posting before midnight! Oh well. I present to you my crossover creature, the Rabbat. I decided to go with an albino bunny coloration because I had an albino bunny when I was little. I'm thinking about releasing a small collection of these cuties (The Cat Bat from July's patron postcard) calling them Batimals. What do we think? What animal would you like to see batified next?

Some news! I'm going to be applying for a booth at Salt Lake City FanX! The convention is in April! Wish me luck!

Prints are available at https://www.redbubble.com/people/mariahl/works/34414214-rabbat?asc=u

If you would like to support my artwork and future endeavors consider becoming a patron at Patreon.com/MariahLStudios.

Thank you all and have a spooky October!

-xoxo mbl

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