September Patron Postcard!

Happy September everyone! Or what's left of it that is. I wanted to show off this month's Patron Postcard art: Girl of Dreams. Patrons of the "Letter from the Artist" tier and above will be receiving their postcards soon and already have the access link to get this as other printing options.

I'm really excited about this piece for one because I literally dreamed this up, and two it gave me an excellent excuse to break out the Schpirerr Farben colored pencils I received as a gift (thank you Julie and Walt). I haven't used colored pencils in a long time so this was a good exercise.

In other news last month's PP artwork: Ghost Girl is now available publicly via Redbubble here:

If you enjoy my artwork and would like to see more, consider becoming a patron at . Thanks to my patrons so far I have been able to afford a personalized stamper to make their postcards a little extra special and also by helping take steps closer to my goal of doing art as my living. Thank you.

-xoxo mbl

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