Patron Postcard - August

Happy August everyone! Patron Postcard art ready for my "Letter from the Artist" subscribers on Patreon. Which means that last month's "Cat Bat" is now readily available to the public! now at:

I know it's a mouthful.

Oh! While I was uploading, Redbubble let me know that they have a "10 for a friend 10 for you deal" of some sort. I didn't look too much into it but from what I read it seems like a refer a friend type deal. If you're into that sort of thing here's a discount yay!

Do you want access to the "Ghost Girl" prints now? Become a patron at and join the "Letter from the Artist" tier. Not only will you receive the patron only link to gain access to this design on items from shirts, to mugs, even skirts a full month in advance, you'll also receive a handwritten postcard each month from me with the artwork, and these benefits for future postcards!

Have an awesome rest of your August and I'll see you at my live stream next Saturday! :D

-xoxo mbl

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