June Patron Postcard!

June's postcard is complete and super cute! This artwork is inspired by an 80s fantasy game I've been playing with my gaming group recently. The characters are Starla Everbrite (the unicorn girl) and Nizhoni (the Medusa/gorgon girl) I love the contrast between the two and had a lot of fun posing them. What do we think? I can't wait to send these out! :D

To gain postcard art with a lovely hand written letter and access to different print options consider joining the Letter from the Artist tier at just $5 a month at my Patreon (Patreon.com/mariahlstudios ) or through the support link on the website!

If you enjoy my art prints are available at Redbubble.com/people/mariahL and what great timing because right now you can get 20% off your order today by using the code FLIP20 !

Love you all and hope you enjoy!

-xoxo mbl

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