Stream Complete!

Today's stream was a lot of fun and I'm already half way to my goal to get a webcam set up for my streams! Thanks again to Secret-Admirer for your generous donation today! If you got to watch today what did you think?

Introducing the Queen of Ludas, Wynter Night. One of the core characters in our Dungeons and Dragons party and an excellent wizard. Mikel and I will be getting her set up and printed for the DM screen. I'll post pictures of that when it's complete.

Finally for my stream on the 28th I will be putting up a series of polls for us to make a character together starting with an adjective to describe them. I'm looking forward to see what we create!

If you would like to support my artwork and my stream I now have it set up so you can make one time donations at:

or if you'd like to provide continual support and receive additional perks such as receiving early releases of art, sneak previews, and even hand written postcards visit:

Thanks again to everyone who has provided support both through morale and donations! I'm looking forward to my next stream. See you then!

-xoxo mbl

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