Sketches and the Tower

So I am very excited to show off here some new pictures I had worked on since last night. As a note I have been up since roughly 10 AM yesterday and it is now almost 8 AM as I write this. I was struck hard with inspiration to say the least and now my eyes and brain are suffering for it. For starters I did a couple of sketches at gaming tonight featuring my friend West's little girl Mika and the rough sketch of what kept me up all night:

So starting at about 2AM since getting the inspiration to draw this tower I have been working on it up until this post. I would like to preface this with the major detail that I had a dream about this location. It was a very strange, tense, and beautiful dream so I thought I would bring this location to light.

As you may have seen from my gallery I don't typically work with landscapes but I needed this one to exist. I am very proud of my work with some of the flora and the tower itself. What do we think?

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