Something Wicked this Way Comes

Hello everyone! I know that I unfortunately haven't been able to update lately but hopefully that will change soon. I've been working between 8 - 12 hours regularly so I haven't been able to keep up on the Month of Halloween collection this year. So that's incredibly sad. BUT I did manage to get, in my opinion, a more important piece completed for this month that will be released around 10 AM today! Yay! I'm sure you could guess what.

UPDATES: Snake River Comic Con was a smash for me despite being invited on a whim. I had a lot of fun and met many amazing artists.

The gallery showing went well I was able to say hello to a bunch of very nice theater goers. I even encountered my incredibly sweet middle school teacher Mrs. Novy. It was nice to see her again since she was one of my favorites.

Sagittarius is coming up for November's release! Only he and Capricorn are left and the Zodiac will be complete!

Finally Curse of Strahd is anticipated to be released at some point in December. More updates will follow. You can keep up on all updates and full previews by becoming a patron at

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